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Create rich business
or social card on
your Smartphone
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Create unlimited
As many as you like
For Colleagues
Use more then
one image to
introduce yourself
Your Company's Logo
Choose background
for your card or upload
your own
Create company's
presentation as part
of your card
Or: use the presentation tool to show your friends some photos of your last exciting trip to Nepal
Send cards via text
Now you can just say "It'sMe", that's it.
Start using It'sMe because...
Its saves money
For only $0.99,you can stop
spending money on designig,
printing, reprinting and all the
headache attached.
It's comfortable
and friendly
Easy to design and create. Easy to
send(via text message or mail).
easy to change, and...
no registration needed.
It contains your very rich
communication world
It'sMe gives you the freedom to put any
means of communication with you: Your
facebook and twitter, your site and your
blog, the youtube video you like or any
other site that represent you.
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