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YIT is an IT company and a software house, which specializes in Internet and mobile solutions.
The company was established 15 years ago, as the IT body.
Our main purpose was providing technological solutions to "Yedioth Ahronoth" Media Group in Israel.
In a Short Period, we turned from being a small technical support providers to a powerful international company, technology wise, developing software solutions and innovative Systems for enterprise management processes in various fields of print, internet and mobile , which are distributed In Israel and globally.

Our advantage is concealed in our extensive experience. Being the providers of mobile technology services and information technology of one of the largest media groups in Israel, We are obligated to keep track of the rapid pace in which the media world as well as technology is developing.
Our goal is to become the leading technology company in the media world. In order to reach that goal,
and maintain the status, over time, we highly invest in research and studies of new technologies,
as well as investing in adapting new platforms and new development tools , which are Translated ,in practice,
to a extended toolbox, helping us to provide complete solutions, to all of our customers. itsme@yit.co.il

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